We all have questions from time to time. If none of these correspond to your questions, please contact me.

  • Question: Do you offer a payment plan?
  • Answer: Yes, I can arrange that for you. If you want a particular piece but can't swing the payment right away, contact me with your situation. I offer a split payment system, pay half now and half later. I must receive all payments before shipping your piece to you. If this is regarding a commission, if you pay 100% of the cost up front you will receive Free Shipping.
  • Question: Do you offer commissions? If so, how do I go about commissioning you for a piece?
  • Answer: Yes, I do offer commissions. However, if I am backed up with orders at the time it will be delayed. Contact me and we can work a commission out. See the commission page for details and fill out the request form.


  • Question: Do you accept returns?
  • Answer: If you are not happy with your piece within a week of receiving it, or it is damaged, I will refund your money. This refund however does not included framing and shipping.