Inside the Studio

Here is a page about the tools of my trade that I love to use. Just a quick rundown of what I use and why.


Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils are some of the most common mediums I use. There are several different brands out there but I tend to stick to about three. Out of all the mediums I use, colored pencils tend to take the longest in regards to completing a piece. They are wonderful to use.

Whether I am doing thick fur or smooth sleek feathers, the look of colored pencil brings a fabulous feel to each piece. Definitely the cleanest medium and least amount of needed "extra tools", these simple pencils can truly be taken anywhere. 

Oil Paint

Oils are one of the most well known tools of the painters trade out there. Creamy and thick, oils can bring a beautiful shine to each piece. I haven't been working in oils for too long, about five years. However, they are really fun to work with.

There are some many different possibilities of oils. Depending on the size of the piece, oils can take a while to complete due to dry time. There are an abundant amount of brands out there for oils and I experiment with many, but have found a few brands that I really love. 

Graphite Pencils

Graphite is one medium we have all used at one point. If you've ever used a pencil, I'm sure you have, you've used a graphite pencil. I tend to go back to graphite a lot, simply because it's very easy to use. It can be "artist's" graphite or a mechanical pencil works wonderful too. Like colored pencils, you can take this medium anywhere to use. 

I tend to use a mechanical pencils and variations of graphite pencils (they come in hard and soft) depending on what I am working on. Some pieces really shine in black and white and you can get a lot of different lighting levels with graphite. A great tool to start with and come back to. 

Baby Elephant with bird drawing 2.jpg