Kiki; 15x12; 450.jpg
Kiki; 15x12; 450.jpg



*Will be at The Contemporary Art Exchange in Washington, NC until April 15th. Will be able to ship after April 15th.*

Kiki is a lovely 13 year old Canadian Lynx that has been a resident of Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary for 6 years. You can help Kiki personally by sponsoring her for $120 a month.

Drawing size: 15 inches wide x 12 inches high

40% of the purchase price goes to Safe Haven to provide assistance to their residents, like Kiki. You can also add an additional 10% of the price to go to Safe Haven in the checkout.

Print of this piece is also available

Kiki is also part of a Safe Haven Bronze Package

Payment Plan (contact to start)

(2 payments of $600.00, 4 payments of $300.00 or 6 payments of $200.00)

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